Broken Hair Clips

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Once a week I get the distinct pleasure of meeting like-minded individuals who come together to inspire, educate, cheer-on and encourage other authors who want to be successful in the art of writing. Whether it’s a novel, a book of poetry, a screenplay or just improving your overall writing skills; these authors challenge themselves in ways that inspire me.

After I created as a traditional publication press and hybrid publication services for authors, I lost track of time. Between negotiating the right to sell at Barnes and Noble (which one would think is easy but is not), reading submissions, teaching first time author mistakes, creating classroom instructions, speaking and then all the other critique and miscellaneous to-do’s that naturally come with the business, my own writing goals fell short.

One of our authors mentioned something to me and in a profound way, I suppose it resonated. l am always inspiring everyone to “TELL THEIR STORY!” saying that “THEIR STORY MATTERS” and here I was letting my story get buried in the depth of procrastination. In short I had no coffee to fill my cup and it sat more than empty.

She suggested I write about a hair clip. I belly laughed because I have this one hair clip that is black. It’s big, It closes together over my thick hair perfectly–until it doesn’t. The little wire mechanism in it keeps trying to fall out and I find myself screaming, “ARGH!” when I pick it up. I just want the damn thing to stay put together. I don’t put it in my purse or somewhere it could get damaged, so I don’t understand why the damn thing keeps wanting to break. Anyway, I told her I would blog about that and send to her. So there ya go. I blogged about my stupid-constantly-breaking-ever-so-frustrating-hair-clip! Happy?

Actually, I appreciate the fact that people hold me to the same standards I want to hold other people. Your voice matters. A long time ago, I lost mine. In all seriousness my life passion is to inspire you to speak your truth. Your story does matter. It matters to me. I know you have one, and if I can encourage you in ways you have never imagined, I would love to do so.

Contact me through Easton Books and we’ll get started!

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