Why Do Buffoons Speak!?

I have refrained from any political posts because I don’t want anyone to think I’m pro Trump or against Trump. I take a stand but it is my right to pull the curtain. I don’t necessarily “have to be right“nor do I want to engage in any cockfights.

I want to know why the language that the president uses is foul and disgusting? My friends call him, “the big buffoon.“ And these are his supporters? I don’t necessarily have a problem with the economic upturn during his presidency or even some of the changes he’s made since Obama. I have a real sense of disgust when he begins to speak.

He holds several Americans sometimes collective groups of Americans in high contempt. He divides by putting down to elevate himself. He uses words like, “it’s a joke.“ To me, he sounds like a petulant child on a tirade of, “it’s all about me!“ I Believe it does the exact opposite of his intent. His rhetoric speak alienates people instead of educates people.

I don’t really care for his condescending attitudes about Americans. I don’t really agree with his opinions of those Americans. I don’t believe that a leader of us all should be so polarized and divisive. Whatever the intent, the slander, the gross false accusations, the hysterical tweeting of hateful opinion, the constant barrage of attacks against the American population and predominantly women, and the outlandish redirection when he feels rejected is epically obvious.

We all make mistakes. Even the president can make a mistake. There’s gonna be a lot of people in this world who are going to reject The Commander in Chief. We need a leader that includes everyone. We need a leader that provides clear understandable leadership. We need a leader for our economy. We need a leader for our people. We need someone who understands interpersonal skills on how to get along. We need a leader for education. The point is we need a leader…

We don’t need somebody to pointer finger at us, tell us that were idiots, tell us we don’t know how to fix it, tell us that he’s the only one who has any brain whatsoever in the country, and then tell us the wrong way to get it done.

It’s not just about the politics, it’s about how our leader speaks to Americans! As much as I am in agreement with the first amendment and Trumps right to act like a buffoon, I am also extremely grateful that I can write this article to oppose that which he has spent his entire life fighting for. (The right to put others down!)

#womanforpresident #enoughisenough #includeallAmericans

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