My “face covering” Concerns

I am not a political advocate. I stand for the people, for logic and reasoning behind what our government forces us to do. This past year, I have lost friendship’s over the mask debacle, friends whom I considered to be the upper echelon of fact and reasoning. Floored that the moments we shared came down to a difference of opinion that wrecked our friendship. The pro-mask are steadfast in their belief that our government is correct, and each one of us needs to keep them safe by wearing our face coverings.

Here is the problem with that statement. 1. the face-covering that people elect does not protect anyone. 2. as soon as they enter an establishment, they are allowed to remove it, lift it up or down, or in my case, must lower it to breathe as I am operating on less lung capacity. 3. airports force you to wear it until you eat. 4. restaurants force you to wear it until you eat. So, let me boil this down. You can get COVID from when you’re walking but when you sit, it’s okay? Have you ever really thought about that logic?

We are seeing a surge in the numbers, and as we go into the fall and winter of 2021 are seeing bunches of new cases. The President has had it, most of my friends have the three days, fever, and a few coughs, no big deal portion of it. As the numbers rise into millions, the deaths have not really escalated. Why is no one talking about the deaths anymore? Do we anticipate 2021 will rise in fatalities?

The point is that we all live in the fear that we are going to get it. My friends who work closely with the CDC say it is a matter of time before every human gets it, except for those immune. That terrifies me. However, is that enough to keep the charade of security alive? Clearly, the masks are not protecting us one little bit. According to the data, my hypothesis is correct. The face coverings are useless.

What’s the answer? I believe it is the same as politics. We all need to sit down, shut up, and listen to each other. Come to a mutual understanding and allow for all to input. Then and only then can we move into the next phase of living again. Otherwise, this country is in the throes of utter collapse. Just my opinion.

You can reach me here, and discuss. I would like to know your point of view on this topic. Care to share?


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