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Rebecca Nietert is an NSA Speaker through Carry The Dream, Publisher, Write Coach, 5-Star-Author on Goodreads for HEART OF GOLD, CHASING FAIRYTALES, and PROVOCATIVE CONFESSIONS. She also co-wrote ONE WAY OUT, a Memoir of Captivity and Freedom with Author Cynthia Kirtley, and is writing her own memoir SHE DANCES. Founder of Lone Star Writing Club here in DFW with over 800+ writers. She tours globally for book signings and workshop events, signing at some of the largest Book Expo’s in the country. Rebecca’s website store allows readers to get a personalized signed copy of her book. She blogs at at WordPress. Rebecca helps other authors beware of the dangerous pitfalls of this business.  She developed Easton Books as a registered Small Independent Publishing House to help writers avoid pitfalls. She’s also created some classroom instruction on How to Write, Publish and Market your novel in an applicable way at: Udemy. To connect locally to our LSWC join our Meetup today at link below.

Her two platforms, “Empowering Your Voice and “Everyone Has A Story” are designed to mirror one another.  The first platform Carry the Dream is a motivation, inspiration and perspective platform where she speaks at corporate and social events.  Her second platform, “Everyone has a Story,” is through Easton Books LLC, designed to assist authors in every aspect of the writing journey through webinars and classroom instruction as well as advice to avoid pitfalls in the local Meetup group, The Lone Star Writer’s Club.

Rebecca’s personal website allows readers to get a signed copy of her book.  The website discusses some of Ms. Nietert’s past intersections.  She lost her voice at an early age and spent much of her adulthood getting it back.  She wrote the first novel in her series, Heart of Gold, based off the premise that if a young woman elects not to use her voice, she allows someone to do it for her, and never in her best interest.  As these very raw emotionally relationship driven stories unfold, readers become connected to the main character, Beverly, in a powerful way. Much like Pretty Woman meets Sex in the City, these novels are filled with dialog and personal triumphs all the while asking the very pertinent question, “How do I learn to love myself.” The second novel, Chasing Fairytales, picks up with the same woman, now married.  Every young girl dreams of their Prince Charming, but what they fail to remember is that a process must survive a terrible childhood, an awful curse and a wicket step queen before the prince arrives. Much like real life it addresses the false expectations of marriage and how a broken individual can bring baggage into it.  Readers feel engrossed in a profound way as they wait to see how Beverly and her new man, Luke, fall deeply in love in a powerfully meaningful way.  Provocative Confessions has not been printed yet and She Dances is still in development.

Rebecca shares her own intersections as well as her culpability of the damage that certain situations left her in throughout her lifetime; in her novels. Not the events themselves as much as the intense emotional narration of what happens when a woman loses her voice, and thereby her power, due to giving it up willingly. She directly expresses how fear and self loathing can alter the course of a life.  This journey of the main character in her books directly resembles the struggles Rebecca has endured, until she became educated, and married her husband Scott. Through mindful therapy, Rebecca learned how to apply the difficult emotions into a character so raw, so real that the story makes the reader feel they’re privy to secrets in an intimate one on conversation.

In the 24th year of her wedding anniversary, mid 2016, Rebecca’s life took a dramatic turn when she had to adopt three tween kids due to the fact their parents died of cancer. It was her families wish that she raises them.  The two youngest girls, Samantha and Laura are both special needs, while the oldest boy, Brandon is gifted.  Her extensive background in mainstreaming her own son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, led to this decision.  She moved from her beloved home in Lacombe, Louisiana to Murphy, Texas.  Her son, Jacob moved here in January the past year to support Rebecca in an effort to bring some normalcy to the children’s lives.  Her daughter, Elizabeth moved at the same time after graduating UNO in January 2018.  With her son moving to Colorado now, 4 of the 5 kids remain at home.  All active in sports and community-based events, this leaves Rebecca’s time limited.  At times she’s booked months in advance.  You can learn more about her personal journey on her personal blog at WordPress.

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