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Rebecca Nietert

Best Selling Author, Publisher, Writing Coach, and Ghostwriter

Rebecca Nietert, Founder and C.E.O. of Author Enterprise is a bestselling, award-winning author. She founded Easton-Books.com as a platform to assist authors with a Full Spectrum Publishing House. By 2020, the company was so successful that she converted the site to AuthorEnterprise.com offering a wider range of services, including writing services, promotion assistance, membership, webinar instruction, video tutorials, publishing services, and much more.

Ms. Nietert has over 15+ years of experience in the literary industry, navigating all the aspects of what creates a successful book. In addition to her memoir and female leadership book, she is currently working on innovative approaches to market to the Millennial and generations X, Y, and Z, intending to revolutionize the way America interacts with young readers, forging Texas as a literary powerhouse. This year Rebecca was asked to be on the board of directors of a global marketing guild for authors out of Austin, Texas. She works to align with other publicity groups throughout Texas cities. She spends much of her time researching and testing the markets, staying on top of the trends and understanding what works and what doesn’t. The publishing industry is forever changing.

Knowledge and experience bring wisdom to the process of bookmaking. Having been the vice president of a 600 million dollar company and after spending years working with CEOs and Big Business during the Houston Oil boom of the ‘90s, she says she was used to the cut-throat world of business, but she was amazed at how challenging the literary industry could be. Early on she fell prey to one of many pitfalls in the industry; “It just wasn’t like any other industry I had seen.” Despite her business savvy, she managed to align herself with a very dishonest publishing house. She would later find that several publishers and promoters were playing similar scams, promising a lot, but delivering very little. “I was bound to a contract without any royalty payment from a vanity press that deemed themselves a publishing house.” Never being one to back down from a fight, she brought her fight to the news media and won, ending with this particular publishing company filing for bankruptcy and going out of business. These experiences only fueled her passion to educate authors. “Nothing bothers me more than to see someone prey on another person’s hopes and dreams.” From writing the book to promoting it, she’s determined to instruct authors how not to make the same mistakes she made.

With a background in business development and networking, Rebecca established two successful author support groups in Dallas. The highly recognized, Lone Star Writer’s Club group supports new authors, and Networking with the Author group, which is a never-been-done platform for authors to support each other through beta reads, reviews, book signings and much more. Ms. Nietert speaks at conferences, writing workshops, classrooms, instructing on how to gain credibility once the story is written, and how to produce a potential bestseller.

If you are thinking about writing your story, a book about your gifts and talents and you need a creative, energetic, highly focused individual; please visit our website and check out our services. Through a series of proven techniques, we can help you create, produce, market and promote your work. From the initial call, we will help you clearly define your work and start you on your way to creating your masterpiece!


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