About ~ Rebecca (Reba) Nietert

Who am I?  Well, that’s difficult. I consider myself a continuously learning graduate of the university of life.  As a wanderlust woman, I find that I seek intellectual growth and opportunity for constant movement.  I love possibilities, earnest people and change for the sake of change. Which, oddly enough balances my need for complete solace to write for hours on end in complete quiet. Yes, I put my aroma therapy on, my instrumentals and away I go into the night of gross fiction or submerge myself into the complexities of nonfiction.  When someone asks me, what gives you joy, the number one thought is being able to understand what I am feeling, how to place it in a valuable position to shine and then how to make each emotion come alive in the written word. To me, that is the best day.

What makes me a serious writer? Decades of engulfing myself within the industry.  Learning, and absorbing all kinds of knowledge, industry terms, acquisitions, and the love of a good book myself.  I read a novel in an afternoon and therefore it is not uncommon to lose myself in dozens of books every month.  There is nothing better in the world to me, than creating the perfect sentence, and then the following paragraph that says exactly what you meant for it to say, and profoundly impact the reader.  That’s priceless.

I have a degree, and a long history of familial, friendship, relationship and interpersonal triumphs and tragedies.  I have been on the upside of great success and fallen to depths I never thought were possible.  I live a spherical life and way out loud for most people, but the colors of my life is what make my stories resonate with my readers.

So, who am I? I am chief cook, taxi driver to teens, writer, dreamer, mover, shaker, outdoor woman, courageous, inspirational, and about as real as it gets.  My life is crazy, every day.  All the planning and fixing and nurturing cannot stop the change at the door, so I embrace the chaos, roll through the adversity and laugh at the silly mistakes I might have made along the way.

I’m kind, I am big hearted, I am strong, I am honest to a fault, I am diligent, tenacious and formidable. I have immense courage, and am willing to put myself out there even when I am terrified. I am ever growing and changing into the woman of character I want to be.  I am a mom of 5, and 3 fur babies, and hopefully grandchildren soon. I have a dozen intimate friends that share my life and hundreds of acquaintances I cherish as we break bread and celebrate their wins. I am but a dot in the spec of this world, hoping that when thrown in the pool of success the ripple can be seen for miles.

That’s just me… Building my empire.

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