Month: April 2019

Mom is No Martyr!

This morning I was awakened by two adorable children of mine. The first said for the second time in two weeks, “I am sick.” Sure enough, a temperature quest proved her declaration. The second screamed, “Zeus (our predatory cat) has ANOTHER bunny!” of course I picked it up and saved it’s life with a lecture

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Broken Hair Clips

Once a week I get the distinct pleasure of meeting like-minded individuals who come together to inspire, educate, cheer-on and encourage other authors who want to be successful in the art of writing. Whether it’s a novel, a book of poetry, a screenplay or just improving your overall writing skills; these authors challenge themselves in

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The Showgirl Stretch!

Last weekend, I was asked to audition for the Dallas Dance Follies for seniors. At first, I couldn’t imagine myself a brand new senior, dancing on stage in front of people. I wondered, doesn’t my friend know me? Then I realized she knows me pretty well. She was asking me to come into her world

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