Relationship Disrespect

What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where you have no choice about your life? Decisions are not consulted with you, and often made without how you would feel or what might offend you. Where you’re put down for your feelings if they are not happy. Where respect is something that is missing, and you are treated as though your worth is that of a child. Except you’re not, you are merely another possession who should know their place, and be quiet about how you feel, so as not to spark the onslaught of verbal assassination due to disagreement or nonconformity. You use your voice for a boundary, commentary or disagreement and are harshly reprimanded

Confidence in you is all but lost, but at the end of the day there is love of you. You are sharing someone else’s life, even if you have no choices in the matte. You’re kept, loved, but despite the lavish life, there is nothing else. So, you stay quiet, to keep peace. Sounds like it is right out of a 19th century novel doesn’t it. Is it enough? Could you continue?

When one spouse is derogatory in their remarks about you such as comments about your intellect, hobbies, or job or even the kind of person you are, these comments are blatantly disrespectful. It’s a form of verbal abuse. A person who commits such offense may justify their words with, “I am saying this to help you,” or maybe, “I am just being honest.” Derogatory comments such as these are not helpful, supportive or motivational. This is one form of treating you as if your feelings do not truly matter to them. 

If your partner tells you to, “just get over it,” or “other people have it worse” they are marginalizing the way that you feel, and what you find unjust. Do they ignore the effort you put into the relationship? Respect is when you understand something is valuable, and important, or that you take it seriously, and should be treated in an appropriate way. Spoken to in a manner that shows respect. No one wants to feel like they don’t matter in their own lives, especially to someone you are in a relationship with. 

If your partner doesn’t stand by you in times of conflict, merely showing indifference to your pain, or tells you they, “do not want to hear it,” these are signs your feelings matter little to them. They will say things such as, “I don’t know what the big deal is,” or “you might be too sensitive.” That is behaviors that need to change. To have a romantic relationship, people need to believe that they matter to the other. If someone is disregarding your feelings, or your needs, or they take the side of someone who is hurting you, that is not acceptable. That is blatant disrespect. 

If your partner puts their schedule, outings, money spent on outings before yours and out of inclusion with you, that is disrespectful. When the scales have tilted and your partner cares less about what you need than their own needs, that’s a problem. It matters how you feel. Even if the “income earner” is the Lord and Master of the finances, equality in all things that individuals need is paramount to feeling value. Anything short of this can often feel like one is equal to the children rather than being a partner and no one should ever feel undervalued. 

If your partner makes life decisions without consulting you it may be just that you have given them permission or maybe he or she feels entitled to formulate their life path, without including your feelings. Disregarding your right to be involved, to plan, to converse, and to listen to your needs may be one of the most disrespectful behaviors in a relationship. Did they move jobs, homes, pay, or friends without consulting you? If their schedules are busy and there is no inclusion or time for you chances, are they do not regard your time or inclusion as a valuable asset to their own needs. 

Chances are they are not worried about disappointing you. Life has chaos that happens, and that is truth. However, even if we cannot help letting people down, omitting their inclusion in our life decision brings disrespect to a whole new level of disappointment. If they seemingly care little about your disappointment, if they are constantly letting you down, it is important to be clear on how you really feel. 

Everyone knows that money brings power. If your spouse is the one bringing in the salary, they may feel total control over you. If they cannot highlight the ways you have contributed to the household, there is a clear sign they do not see it. Money does not entitle the owner to treat others as merely service ownership. There are jobs for everyone in a partnership. If you are doing your share, and they are living their life that does not include your needs or desires, such as they plan everything, trips are always what they want, dinners what they will eat, outings they only want to participate in, this is a selfish behavior indicative of entitlement to treat you as a servant. If your spouse regards you merely as the cooker, the cleaner, or whatever service they require, you are being disrespected. 

Feelings such as these can make you feel alone, disregarded and without purpose or path. It is with urgency that you become clear on what the exact state of occurrences are, write the down, be clear on your efforts to regain inclusion in your own life, and begin to communicate with your spouse. If you feel you need a mediator to assist you please seek counseling immediately. How you feel, what you desire, and your needs are vital because this is your life too. If your spouse doesn’t understand that, it is your job to ensure he at least hear that message from you, or you will be doomed to rinse, lather and repeat. No one deserves that.

Take care, Reba


You’re Never Too Old to Dream

My entire life has been wrapped around writing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings down on a piece of paper. Then one day having the courage to put those thoughts into a fictional succession of events created a powerful novel that was published. I can recall writing from the edge of my window sill, a poem about how the night changed. Every detail of the crisp air, the change in the light, and my moods as they switched from wide awake to requiring sleep. That was a poem I wish I owned to this day because that was when I realized I wanted to feel like that my whole life. I wanted to view the world through my perspective and help the reader feel exactly what I felt at that moment. To me, there couldn’t be anything greater than that.

Until the day Readers Digest published an article about the freeing spirit of running. I was a runner at one time, and the way that one’s body floats in the air without any pain or consideration for the human body illuminated the short story. I was hooked because people would tell me that they wanted to feel that feeling. That meant to me that I touched about their minds and maybe their hearts.

In my adult life, I published two novels. I was taken by the worst of publishers. I was shunned in the industry for being aligned with an irrefutable publisher and my work was never regarded as credible. I fought for it to be so. I rewrote, published under a different name, became a bestseller, and all of the sudden the industry welcomed me. What I didn’t expect to happen was that the culture of the lower percentage would shake the core of all that was ever written, all that changed the way we believe would soon succumb to the wishes of a few. I noticed that the reading age dropped to eighth grade. Bookstores closed, and the publishing industry locked its gateway to only those who represented that one percent of our population. In short, if you didn’t write in the perimeters they were willing to purchase, your work, no matter how good it was, would be trashed. This more than broke my heart. This killed my desire to read the word of the new work being put into circulation. This business module made me so sick that I couldn’t justify the benign opinion less nonoffensive drivel that is now entering the literary world. And that is the crap (I say that without hesitation) that is getting awards.

There was a day when these kinds of trivial books were a small sector of the reading availability. When they became the majority, I knew that my time in the industry was finished. I knew that I had too much intellect, needed too much story arc, too many multi-dimensional characters, and way too much of an unpredictable storyline to ever be satisfied with the trash that is being published. No matter how pretty the cover is, the content is still filled with nonsense. Then add the thousands of author-want-to-be’s that feel just because they wrote a nonedited, no arc or character defined piece of work and uploaded it to Amazon they can now call themselves an author. Amazon does not separate the true gatekeeper work from the rags that are called books and so the American public is left paying for books that are so poorly written or edited that it is infuriating. Finally, I got it. I do not want to be associated with this kind of industry any longer. I have lost my respect for authors, for publishers, and for this new thinking that the only material we want to read should be wrapped around the 1% political beliefs.

Last week I brought down my website. Pulled my books from circulation. Stopped helping authors. I have decided, I do not know what yet, but my passions need to lie somewhere a whole lot more credible than what has now become equal to the used car sales business. I think that it takes great courage to change your life passions at my age, but I know that I can do it. If you’re searching for your own passion, please consider pulling that trigger. I cannot tell you how completely freeing it is not to be emotionally or otherwise invested in a dying industry.

I may write again someday. I may not. After all, it is like a divorce. There’s no hard feelings, no pain, no more emotional attachment. It is fantastic to move on. And somewhere down the road, tiny pieces of my passion will fill my soul. Then and only then I may fall back in love with the written word; who knows. For now, I am profoundly changing the way I think. Looking for that reason to get me up in the morning.

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Love Begets Love…

I will never understand the woman who gets offended and instead of discussing whatever it was that offended her, she screams, blocks you, and then doesn’t listen to the other side. To me, it’s like a child. If a woman is shown love, then she must resolve the conflict with love & understanding. If not, the relationship is selfish, one-sided, and doomed. There are some temper tantrums you just cannot come back from. Sad 🥺 but true.

Recently, someone acted this way to me. She said quite simply, “I spoke my mind.” She felt that’s all she had to do, and it didn’t matter how it was delivered. She felt she had a right to speak her mind and not be accountable for her emotions or the things she said poorly or violent in anger. The person to whom the anger was directed, was supposed to acquiesce to whatever she believed, and that was that. Everything would be fine if nobody contradicted her. When I tried to explain she was taking things in my life personally, I was promptly blocked, mocked, publicly chastised, and then called passive-aggressive for trying to be graceful through it. I needed to work on how I would handle it. The more of the conversation continued the more insults came my way, and none were returned. Didn’t matter. She got two other people involved and they began acting the same way. Eventually, it became a witch hunt. And by that I mean the women whom I showed love to desperately tried to “find something” to be offended about. It’s the old adage… “When you look hard to find the offense, you won’t have to look long.” No person is perfect, so make sure that you’re above reproach before you condemn.

What I find is confusing is that the people can pretend to be professional or even loving or even fairly put together well, but in essence, for those of us that do not bear the gift of desertion, they can often be a brooding storm just waiting to burst. It’s OK to remind yourself, that your friendship has value when you find people like this in your life. It’s OK to affirm yourself, and not listen to hateful words. It’s OK to stay on your path and always do the right thing despite how somebody else acts. That’s what being a woman of character is and then it’s OK to light the match and set the bridge on fire if it continues.

“SUN IS RISING” tomorrow is a new day.


Introducing God’s-Daughters.com

When 2021 began, I was excited about the possibilities. During 2020 (the year of Covid) I hurt myself at work picking up some weights. I continuously begged my doctor to look at my shoulders because I had such tremendous pain. She determined it was my age, and nothing really needed to be done. Several months later the pain grew until finally in my first of the year consult on the first of January when I set my date for annual checkup, she told me that I had frozen shoulder. To many this should come as no surprise, but to me it did. Frozen shoulder is typically a result of no action with the arms for a period of time. I am an extremely active person. Confused, I agreed with her diagnosis and immediately went into in home physical therapy. Clearly, there was an issue because the pain only increased. But hold on, we will get there…

Every year a woman my age must go through a series of preemptive tests to ensure her health. I decided that this year I was going to do it in the winter, verses the summer, and get them all done. We did blood work, and a batter of questions on the first part of January, 2021.

Around the 8th of January, my middle daughter fell and hurt her knee in softball practice. After an expensive emergency room visit we found out we had to take her to an orthopedic surgeon. I knew of one, having just taken her younger sister a few years earlier. I called, set the appointment and off we went. During the visit, I asked the doc, “hey do you know about frozen shoulder.” He quite knowingly smiled, and replied, “Yes, of course I do.” Then he asked me to show him my range of motion and asked a few questions and then he stated, “your doctor is wrong. You have two torn rotator cuffs and I suspect a labrum tear in your shoulder.” After I gasped loudly, I asked him how he knew that. He simply stated his years of practice and expertise. Then he asked me to undergo a series of tests that included a CT and MRI with contrast. For the record, my daughter had 4 “fractures” that healed in six weeks and she is fine.

The day of the tests come and I am quite rightly scared out of my mind. They put me in a gown, and then they lay me out on a MRI table where they inject a serious needle into the painful part of my shoulder, to put the catheter of die in it. This is excruciatingly painful. I didn’t take pain meds after my C-section, and this was so painful I wanted to bolt upright and hit the son-of-a-bitch who shot me with the damn needle. 4 hours later, I left.

The morning of the 12th I receive the answer of my shoulders. Yes, I have the exact issue with my rotator cuffs as he thought, but guess what, now I have a tumor in my left shoulder. Which one should we do first. The right that hurts more of the left. That’s the day I am supposed to see my PC doc. I go in, and she tells me that my liver is not functioning like it should. Then she tells me that not only that but the pancreas has stopped producing insulin. So either go on a diet, or I may need a liver transplant in no time. So, no sweets, no alcohol, no carbs and I should be okay. She gives me a list of over 200+ things I cannot eat. Great!

The 12th was not a good day for me. Then we discuss the whole sex and aging thing. I had a complete hysterectomy, and the fact I am not on hormones concerned her. She said I needed to go get checked out by an OBGYN in Irving. I did as she asked. Docs orders, right? And so I take my happy butt down to Irving and get violated. The new doc says she thinks I can benefit from putting an electric prod up my hoo-ha, and giving it voltage. She says that it will stop the whole peeing when I choke or laugh. Then as if I am not mortified enough, she says she needs to do it once a week, and that has to last 8 weeks. Then she comments, “It may or may not work, oh and insurance doesn’t pay for it. Oh and by the way, you can’t have sex when we do this.” When I looked at her, steal gaze in my eyes, I couldn’t speak. She took that to talk further. “Oh and here is some cream you can put up your hoo-ha that will give you a better sexual experience. This tube should last you 4 months.”

I had a 45 minute ride home that day. I thought about what the doctor said. Then it hit me, I cannot drink, I cannot have comfort food, I cannot eat chocolate, and now I cannot have sex. I have to have surgery on both my arms, and I have a tumor no one can reach until surgery. Think about that if that was you. I wanted to scream! Who tells a woman my age that?

Needless to say, I fired my doctor, called the OBGYN and told her to take her upsell and stick it, and yeah, I started my diet. New doc says all my blood levels are fine. Still working out the whole rotator cuff. Apparently I have the 5% gene that has nerve issues with surgery, so that’s painful, but I take it one day at time and getting through it.

2021 mid months are proving to remind me how many people love me. My mother has been a tremendous help, putting her life on hold for this woman who cannot use both arms. My daughters have pitched in and are literally doing my laundry and cooking dinners. My husband makes the bed, and does a lot of cooking too. It is the year where priorities switch, and I learned that telling my story matters more than just keeping it to myself.

That is why I created God’s Daughters. We all go through life issues. Not all at the same time, but each of us has her own struggles. I would love to hear yours. If you feel so inclined please share and we can guest post for you. I would really love that. Every voice matters.

I am listening…Reba


Worthy of Love, by Jacob Nightingale

“We instinctually measure our self-worth based on our perceived value to the tribe that surrounds us, and unfortunately, I am a rocket scientist on a football team.” 

Find your Tribe, and there you will discover your value. Find your willingness, and there you will decide your worth. 

We were all innocent once. A child; vulnerable and uncertain. We struggled to make sense of the world. Nothing was certain except for our undying love and devotion to those we valued. We gave our trust freely to those we loved, without reservation. We would do anything to please them, and give anything to see them happy. There is no greater devotion than the love of a child and every child wants to believe they are loved equally in return. A child is always seeking feedback and reassurance, because they want to know one thing—if they too, are worthy of love. Our body may have grown and our spirit has matured, but that child still wants to know, “am I worthy to be loved?”

Worthiness is measured, not by how much you are loved, or by how much love you have been given. Worthiness is measured by how much love and devotion you are willing to give.

A child is born willing to give ALL their love and devotion; no one is more worthy of love than a child.

Like all children, we’re all pure potential. Our Will is the very essence of our potential and we are free to create ourselves however we choose. Is there a such thing as worthless potential? 

No one is worthless; we are all a work in progress, and our progress, our worth, is based solely on our willingness to learn, grow, and improve.  

While we can measure our “value” based on our past contributions and accomplishments, it’s solely based on another’s appreciation and value for what we gave. However, our worthiness, is only effectively measured by our willingness to give, and whether we did the best we could with what we had.

Are you worthy of being a friend, parent, leader, partner, spouse, doctor, student, artist, author…?

Love is the devotion to creating value, contributing, supporting, actualizing dreams, and nurturing growth, improvement, creation, and connection. If your worthiness is based on your willingness to give love and devotion, you need only to ask, “How much love and devotion am I willing to give?” This is your worthiness.    

Are you worthy of Leading? 

How much are you willing to give those that choose to follow you; to nurture, inspire, guide and support their growth and improvement?

Are you worthy of being a parent?

How much are you willing to give your child love and devotion; to support their development, to offer comfort and safety, and to nurture their growth?

Are you worthy of being a friend or romantic partner?

How much are you willing to give love and devotion to the relationship, to nurture each other’s growth and aspirations? 

Are you worthy of creating success?

How much are you willing to give to reach your objectives?

Are you worthy of love and devotion from another?

How much love and devotion are you willing to give?

While we cannot state another’s worth, we can decide if it’s “worth it” to give. When you give to someone, you are investing a part of yourself to them, and for someone to be worth it, they must be willing to accept and willing to invest. If someone is unwilling to give, how can they be worthy of what we are giving? If they are unwilling to grow and improve or to contribute and nurture growth, how can they be worthy of our support and contribution? If someone is unwilling to give love and devotion, is it worth it to give them ours? We cannot allow ourselves to give to those that are unwilling, and if we are unwilling, we are not worthy of what others are willing to give. 

It’s amazing how this simple shift in perception can change everything; it can break down the chains of self-doubt, worry, and insecurity. You don’t need to ask whether someone else finds you worthy. You can measure your own worthiness and the worthiness of those you keep in your life. If you are willing to give love, you’re worthy to be loved, and you are worth every ounce of love you have in your heart. That small child can find peace and comfort, knowing that no matter how much they were cast aside, forgotten, or unfairly challenged, they always have been and always will be “worthy of love.”


Why don’t more women look sexy as they age?—by Nancy LiPetri

While what’s sexy may be in the eyes of the beholder, we have to admit the 50-and-better years make it harder to feel like we’re as attractive as we ever were. Yes, I’m of that age, qualified to add my two cents worth, and I love to write about the subject.

First of all, I’m not talking about celebrity sexiness. I’m looking at sexiness in the real world: my neighbor who still hops on a motorcycle to feel the wind in her hair with her hubby who has none…the friend in yoga class whose skin glows and natural silver hair looks effortlessly chic, who astounds us at 70…the pickleball partner who rocks spandex at age 64, pumps iron and still works with the police…the artist who paints nudes and won’t hesitate to pose for same.

Do each of those, real women I know, share a common body shape, look or lifestyle? No. Some are married, one widowed, one without a current partner. While they define sexy to me, each of you might have a different type in mind. Yet high on the list of what most people say constitutes sexy is confidence. 

Age usually breeds confidence. Hey, what an advantage! My own hubby says I’m sexier now than I was at any younger age. I think I see proof otherwise in old photos, yet he insists it’s true. And I have to admit, his smile lines and savvy make him sexier than ever—but let’s leave men’s aging to another post. 

As my characters remark, we women have so much going on in our heads that can squelch or stoke sexiness. Many of us were brought up to suppress it at every age. Did your mom seem sexy? Our different cultures/upbringings surely influence what we perceive. One woman’s sexy is another’s dull…one’s daring or even promiscuous is another’s normal or playful. Some applauded this year’s Super Bowl halftime while others thought it went too far beyond what cheerleaders show us all year round. But back to non-celebrity mojo, here.

All that said, by this age we may have had children, empty nest, career, grief, illness, being a caregiver, whatever’s in your mix. It’s too easy for women to put ‘sexy’ on a back burner, thinking you’ll get back to it, then realize you’ve forgotten how to connect to it. Some crash into a midlife reawakening (I’ve heard much on that from readers of my first book). Some give up on being sexy along with giving up dating/marriage, saying it’s more trouble than it’s worth and that they’re content. 

My conclusion is sexiness fits into each journey differently. And some women are so unconventional (meet the MC in my second book) that they may not immediately strike us as sexy. But just because one of us doesn’t see the sexy in another doesn’t mean someone isn’t telling her she’s sexier than ever. In the end, who are we to judge? 

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Please Don’t be Cruel

It’s absolutely true. “The most important lesson I learned this past year is, do not let anybody make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of its own medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.” That’s my mantra. My platform. 

This past year I have felt powerful joy, in the midst of great loss and conflict. A decided choice to free yourself from the burden of owning someone else’s strife is epically life-affirming. When I get on stage and tell my story and the unbelievable relief I felt when the shackles of my forgiveness cracked, it is my hope that through the words of affirmation, others can choose their perspectives as well. 

Do not own the falsehood of another. Just because someone approaches you and shows that they are upset, does not mean that their pain is your guilt. Most of us want to smooth things over, fix the problem, engage. Sometimes, however, people cause strife and it is not your responsibility to own that petty behavior. It’s not your job to make them feel better. What it is doing is robbing you of your joy by allowing their inability to navigate their own emotions to imprint on your soul. 

Here’s what physiologically happens. The body begins to produce hormones and then cortisol and the adrenal glands pump furiously. Your body begins to store that negative chemical imbalance in your organs, your brain, and muscles. It takes ownership of your soul. Once you engage in the listening, allowance, and tolerance of these emotional outbursts, you have decided to allow this fundamental occurrence within your body. There is no turning back from that. Your joy is robbed. Your mood changed, and nothing except a full course of sleep can change it. No wonder people come home stressed, overworked, exhausted and worried. The chain reaction has begun. 

As a relationship strategist, I have learned that a graceful approach to this type of energy is warranted. Simple request, “While I appreciate you wanting to include me in your difficulties, you are simply robbing me of my joy today. Can we put a pin in this and discuss this topic at a later date?” There are times when you are in the mindset to be supportive, but it is not okay for someone to surprise you without the benefit of boundaries. Also, please note the other person will then have time to exit the limbic brain and could potentially resolve the issue on their own once their brain is back into critical problem-solving. 

Keeping your mind focused on kindness, grace, and ultimately joy will prove positive results that you have never dreamt of. When you have perfected the art of living your best self, pay it forward to others so that they too can find joy in their day. Paying kindness forward helps to curve the angst and worry we all feel. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people also gives depth and new meaning to your new life. 

Thanks for listening. 


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Words Matter Most

Most people who truly know me, know that I am past the point of idle gossip, unproductive banter and I am more transparent than I should probably be. The great thing about this journey I have been on, is that self actualization allows me to emrbace both the good and the not so good things that people do. What I struggle with is the intollerance of someone’s unwillingness to accept that they’ve emotionally reacted to a situation that did not call for it. In short, their inability to accept responsibility for their prideful, or their conflict causing behavior forces me to push these individuals into an aquaintence circle so that they can do harm outside of my life. I don’t want the unnessessary conflict in my life. My life is chaos enough with natural occurances, I certainly don’t want to introduce more.

I have also believed that words are important. Just because someone says words doesn’t make those words true, and equally just because words are spoken that doesn’t mean they are not true. What one must do is gage whether the words are kind, if the words mean well, or if the words they choose are selfish, prideful, intolerant or likewise. After all, we are all guilty of such behaviors.

Words matter. When you’re out there today upset by that car that almost hit you in traffic, or the boss who just yelled at you, or even the co-worker that stabbed you in the back in some harsh way, your behavior says a lot about how to view your life. For me, I want to protect the peace I have earned. I am less tolerant of the high school-ish drama people create.

Even I must say words of encouragement through times when I push people out of my circles. People push back. They come at you from different directions because they’re emotional and they want you to understand their feelings. This type of mentality comes from a selfish point of view. If you don’t have the inclination for such behaviors either, I encourage you to push back with graceful truth and join me in paying positive words forward.

May peace find you, and may that resonate and touch others…


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Lay Down Your Worry…Again

In all the busyness that has become my life, sometimes I forget to blog. Life takes a turn, emotions become raw and you drudge through without thinking about how you feel in the moments that unfold without your permission and way beyond your control. In short, it takes a minute to reserve the moment to reflect on what’s happening in this season.

For me, my son went off to the army two months ago. My daughter began a new job. my husband and I bought a new house. My gifted child was failing two grades, the middle child was not turning in homework and the youngest child has decidedly abdicated her life. The fallout from such things create enough stressors that can’t be described in great detail in a simple blog.

Suffice it to say that my emotions have run deep, high, out of control and sometimes triggered without my permission. I have from time to time wanted to cry. If you know anything about me or have read any prior blogs you will know that it is almost an impossibility to allow myself the luxury of tears. After all the guilt-ridden condemnation from others lies deep within my psyche stating that my feelings are not as important as others are solidly ingrained that I am quite literally often sick to my stomach.

I find myself angry and sad because it’s ever so unresolved and out of control. I think of myself as somebody who forgives and moves on quickly, but I think that’s true only when I’m able to process through the emotions I have in such a way that allows me to grow into the stability of who I have become. You can imagine the discourse I am having while struggling with these interpersonal issues.

Here is what I know, everything is going to be alright. It always is. This glimpse in this hurried season is merely a blimp in the span of 80+ years that will hopefully become my life. Big picture? This too shall pass! How to handle it? Focused, driven to be kind, tolerant, excepting and ultimately find unconditional love.  Now, if I could just get there…

Life is about choices. Period. We can choose to dwell in the muck, We can choose to be selfish, we can choose to be narcissistic, we can choose to be angry, we can choose to be sad, we can choose to allow all of this to create who we are or we can choose to lay the angst down, give it to God and hope for the best. I made a decision today to do the latter.

I hope you join me. And I hope somewhere in the midst of all that you removed from your life, somehow we can break bread, drink wine and give it closure.

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You’re Invited-DFW 2019 Author Gala

On September 27, 2019, we will be hosting the largest Author gala where all literary professionals come together for one social event. The idea is to encourage, inspire, and lift up a fellow author by sharing his or her work. In turn, they will share yours.

Our mission is to be the number one resource for authors in DFW.  Our platform is designed to provide authors with connections to contractors such as:

  • Illustrators
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  • and all literary professionals.

Our goal is to connect professionals with the authors who need them. In addition to networking, we have designed fun, intellectual gatherings for like-minded individuals in social typesetting to interact, share, support and encourage.  We will host a variety of events including networking, “tea-time,” one on one meetings to face challenges head-on, instruction, and all kinds of support.  Our annual Writer’s Retreat is not to be missed. Please feel free to check our online calendar to see the upcoming events, and if at any time you would like to participate in the festivities please subscribe to our email and consider becoming a founding member.