Lone Star Writer’s Club

I originally created a group through called Bayou Writer’s Club. When Jennifer (my sister in law) got sick, I had to give the reigns to Lisa Herrington. She’s elevated the numbers past the 100 mark I had into the over 200+ member mark.  I’m so happy for her and the group. When I had to move to Dallas the loss of the inspiration from that group hurt deeply.  I struggled with an opportunity of time that will allow me to begin a new group here in the Plano area.  Today I am proud to announce that now is that time. I finally created a group where I control the dates of when we meet to allow for the dramatic ups and downs of caregiving for someone with cancer allows.

With all that said, I am hosting my first meeting for Lone Star Writer’s Club here in Plano at the site for DFW.  If you’re inspired to tell your own story, establish a writing platform, write for fun, get published or whatever your writing goals are, I hope that you join me.

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