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Encouraging Inspiration…

“Shoulds” are the messages that we introspect as a child, through school, and into adulthood. When shoulds are swallowed with a teaspoon of poison they progress into auto reactions. They keep you from who you want to be.

Lone Star Writer’s Club

I originally created a group through Meetup.com called Bayou Writer’s Club. When Jennifer (my sister in law) got sick, I had to give the reigns to Lisa Herrington. She’s elevated the numbers past the 100 mark I had into the over 200+ member mark.  I’m so happy for her and the group. When I had

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The Art of Writing

The first process of my writing is to figure out what I want to write about. I brainstorm about the things that I am passionate about. People are my number one priority. For some people, financial success is the goal. For some others, it can be as simple as a diet book to lose weight.

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