Words Matter Most

Most people who truly know me, know that I am past the point of idle gossip, unproductive banter and I am more transparent than I should probably be. The great thing about this journey I have been on, is that self actualization allows me to emrbace both the good and the not so good things that people do. What I struggle with is the intollerance of someone’s unwillingness to accept that they’ve emotionally reacted to a situation that did not call for it. In short, their inability to accept responsibility for their prideful, or their conflict causing behavior forces me to push these individuals into an aquaintence circle so that they can do harm outside of my life. I don’t want the unnessessary conflict in my life. My life is chaos enough with natural occurances, I certainly don’t want to introduce more.

I have also believed that words are important. Just because someone says words doesn’t make those words true, and equally just because words are spoken that doesn’t mean they are not true. What one must do is gage whether the words are kind, if the words mean well, or if the words they choose are selfish, prideful, intolerant or likewise. After all, we are all guilty of such behaviors.

Words matter. When you’re out there today upset by that car that almost hit you in traffic, or the boss who just yelled at you, or even the co-worker that stabbed you in the back in some harsh way, your behavior says a lot about how to view your life. For me, I want to protect the peace I have earned. I am less tolerant of the high school-ish drama people create.

Even I must say words of encouragement through times when I push people out of my circles. People push back. They come at you from different directions because they’re emotional and they want you to understand their feelings. This type of mentality comes from a selfish point of view. If you don’t have the inclination for such behaviors either, I encourage you to push back with graceful truth and join me in paying positive words forward.

May peace find you, and may that resonate and touch others…







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