Introspection Tools

It’s good to self reflect, but it’s not good to carry guilt because you’re not perfect.  It’s not good to allow the whispers of our discontent to navigate their tiny clawed hooks into the things that could bring us joy.

Listen, I have learned that joy, and thereby a continuum of happiness is caused by changing your perspective.  If you’re really wrapped up in the emotions of the day one thing that helps me is to begin making a list of all the good things, because it’s really easy to focus on the bad.

As long as you use your mind for good thought including self image, your body and soul will follow. A great product that I have used in the past is “The Thinking Mind” available through Amazon.  Check it out. Maybe it can help.

Remember good thoughts are a decision away.

1 thought on “Introspection Tools”

  1. Hi Rebecca, it takes a drastic change to get off the roller coaster and stop in your tracks and find time to communicate one on one with the Good Lord. I find if I carry a little giftbook, my spiritual journal and seating in traffic, fighting with my teenager daugther, and other trials, to pull this book out and write to God. A diary and communication channel, it seems to help me find balance and peace in the choas. I like your blog, it touches on the distractions of life and that we need to be more focused on Jesus. Also more trials is Satan testing you because you are powerful and a Child of God. Blessed.

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