Overwhelming To-Do! Ack!

What does someone do when they have a to-do list that is so long it paralyzes them? A woman I met the other day stated, “I have so much to do that I take out my list-read it-feel overwhelmed-check Facebook and then it’s over! Nothing gets done!” How many of us do that very same thing?

In my case, quite admittedly, I have to be on social media several times a day. I have two constructed websites that are designed to bring in income. I have ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that need to be analyzed and modified. I have Twitter feeds that I need to increase numbers. I have Linkedin but I need to increase my reach with. I have Facebook profiles and pages and groups that need attention. Somehow I have to manage and the entire platform of supporting social media such as Instagram in such a way that it brands what I do in a unique and approachable way. I have Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc… so being on social media for me it’s just not an option! It’s my business.

I have however from time to time, thought about hiring a social media expert so that I could continue to do my writing, editing, reading, coaching, inspiring, cheerleading, etc. with other authors. Sometimes it just gets to be too much! What’s a girlie to do!?

Here’s what I know. Getting on social media should have a time limit! I have three pages-single-spaces by the way; of things I must get done. However, my reality is that 5 or less of today’s “priority list” will actually get marked off. Yes, I have a 10 point prioritized list that changed daily! Some days hourly!

Give yourself a break! While it’s important to do things it is also equally important to have joy in mundane tasks. Take a moment to stand, get a healthy snack, breathe with your eyes closed, look out a window, get some coffee and “just be” with yourself once in a while. Smell the roses if you will. Anything to help you not feel so overwhelmed!

That’s my advice for the two cents it’s worth. As for me, I’m logging off and going to spend 20 minutes with my 12-year-old so she can show me how to hoverboard. Yep.

Take care, Rebecca Nietert, Publisher, author, speaker, chief cook, and taxi driver and all-around kook!

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